Highway Lighting
Lighting In Nairobi Slums

"The people who live in the slums around Nairobi and other towns of our country require special attention.”
- His Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki, C.G.H., M.P., President of the Republic of Kenya.
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Click Here for an evaluation report from Steadman Group on the lighting initiative in Nairobi by Adopt A Light.

valuation report from Steadman Group on the evaluation of the lighting initiative in Nairobi by Adopt A Light.

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Highway/Street Lighting


In the pursuit of making our highways and streets safer, Adopt a Light developed the revolutionary concept of lighting up highways through advertising on street lighting infrastructure. The result of this initiative saw a reduction in incidences of crimes such as highway attacks, rape and muggings to both motorists and pedestrians.

Over the years, many leading organizations have joined the effort and are adopting highway lights for advertising and brand building. Thus inturn enhancing security and adding value to the city’s landscape. These adverts are strategically placed, well spaced and give a lateral view within the eye-line of the driver and pedestrian. The light boxes are lit and have two advertising faces allowing for round the clock advertising, and giving our motorists maximum road visibility.

As part of the highway lighting project, Adopt a Light also reaches out to street families by involving them in the beautification of highways through landscaping and tendering roadside flower gardens.

This project has created employment for many street families, diverting them from crime and drug abuse. Thereby alleviating poverty. By adopting a light, you not only touch one in every three lives; but also accord your organization a chance to give back to society.

So far, Mombasa Road, Uhuru Highway, Thika Road, Kenyatta Avenue, Nyerere Road, Mbagathi Road, Ngong’ Road, Karen, Argwing’s Kodhek Road, Waiyaki Way, James Gichuru Road, Enterprise Road, Raphta Road, Limuru Road, Forest Road, Pangani Roundabout, Lang’ata Road, Jogoo Road… just to mention but a few; have benefited from the Adopt a Light Highway/Street Lighting Project. Our effort continues.

We look forward to working with you on your next advertising or
branding campaign.

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