Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Lighting In Nairobi Slums

"The people who live in the slums around Nairobi and other towns of our country require special attention.”
- His Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki, C.G.H., M.P., President of the Republic of Kenya.
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Click Here for an evaluation report from Steadman Group on the lighting initiative in Nairobi by Adopt A Light.

valuation report from Steadman Group on the evaluation of the lighting initiative in Nairobi by Adopt A Light.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


1. Street Bins Advertising

This was one of our CSR project which incorporated the street advertising revenues into community development. The main aim of the project was to a have a cleaner city and promote corporate social responsibilities without the exhausting concept of fund raising.

Street Bins acquired an exclusive contract from the City Council of Nairobi to place mini street bins and bulk bins in various locations within Nairobi.

The project managed to:

  • Give employment to mature street boys and disabled persons with a hope of reducing crime within our streets. The street boys were in charge of emptying, cleaning, disposing and general maintenance
  • Rehabilitate the pavements and surrounding areas where the bins are located giving maximum exposure to the adverts and at the same time maintaining cleanliness
  • Run on-location seminars to educate the public on the need to keep the city clean using bins
  • Employ two attendants for every ten bins ordered and with the target of 10,000 bins out in the year, thus two thousand jobs created and together achieve the vision to a cleaner, greener and safer city

2. Mini Bins

Mini street bins are four sided, and are strategically placed within the Central Business District and the outskirts. The units have advertising panels all of equal size, big enough to capture and retain an audiences attention without effort and small enough to generate goodwill from the public. The base is filled with concrete on the location to ensure minimal movement and maximum stability.


3. Bulk Bins

Bulk bins are made of steel. They are placed strategically at the junctions and are used as a central liter collection point.The bulk bins have a door on the side and three panels that can
similarly be used as advertising tools.

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