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Lighting In Nairobi Slums

"The people who live in the slums around Nairobi and other towns of our country require special attention.”
- His Excellency Hon. Mwai Kibaki, C.G.H., M.P., President of the Republic of Kenya.
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Click Here for an evaluation report from Steadman Group on the lighting initiative in Nairobi by Adopt A Light.

valuation report from Steadman Group on the evaluation of the lighting initiative in Nairobi by Adopt A Light.

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About Adopt a Light Limited

Our Vision   Our Motto
Adopt a Light Limited is a company incorporated to steer advertising revenues into community development. The company was inspired by the need to achieve safer cities through the provision of adequate street lighting. The project was initiated through relations with South African Organizations that have been working successfully in partnership with the Local Councils in nearly all the major cities in South Africa for over six years. LOGO

Our Mission

Adopt a Light Limited aims to aid the city councils in Kenya through its customers to install and maintain all existing streetlights. It has been obvious to all that this task is impossible for the city councils to undertake successfully due to their ever-growing financial constraints.


Our Values

Our dedication to serve is linked to the complete and wholehearted fidelity of achieving our Organizational Goals and Objectives.


We pride in our ability to pool resources and efforts aimed at achieving our common goal – which is to realize our Vision.

Customer Focus
The primary focus of our service is to convert our esteemed clients’ Dreams and Passion to Tangible Reality.

Our unquenched desire for Excellence directs us to grow a sustained passion for continuous improvement and innovation. This will propel us into long term accomplishment and performance.

We at Adopt a Light wholly embrace the willingness to do right even when no one is watching. It is the demonstration of Morale and Courage in the face of Challenge, Temptation and Corruption that steer our efforts in conducting all business dealings in honesty and respect.

Corporate Social Responsibility lantern
Adopt a light is involved in CSR projects which involve the street advertizing revenues by channeling them into community development projects. read more.
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